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Partner With Us

SinglePlatform Offers Different Partnership Options Based On Your Needs.
Let’s Help Our Clients Stand Out Everywhere That Matters Online. 

What Are You Looking for ?

Want Menu Data?

Power Online Ordering

Resell Our Product

API Access

Give Users what’s they are searching for.

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Get Content Straight From the Source

Our owner-verified menus are collected straight from local business owner who trust
SinglePlatform to distribute acurate, up-to-date information to online searchers.

Gain access to SinglePlatform’s Owner-Verified Content

owner-verified menu yields:

73% more online orders and 76% higher order value

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Empower Convenience-Craving Users to Convert

Allow your users to close the loop. SinglePlatform connects search sites and mobile app
with action provider partners so local business search can end in a conversion.

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Round Out Your Service Offerings

With SinglePlatform’s network and technology

Improve value to your customers with more informed search

Provide website integration and mobile-optimized sites to your clients

Win more business with convenient online conversions

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